SASO is the standard Saudi Arabia SASO organization abbreviation, SASO is responsible for the formulation of national standards for all products and daily necessities, the standard also relates to the metric system, identifies the.Saso standard has many in the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) to establish relevant safety standards based on international organizations. According to Saudi Arabia our country civil and industrial voltage, geography and climate environment, ethnic and religious habits add some unique items in the standard. In order to achieve the objective of consumer protection, the SASO standard not only for products imported from abroad, as well as for local production. And the Ministry of Commerce and industry of Saudi Arabia SASO all

contain SASO the certification standard products SASO certification in Saudi customs. No SASO certificate of the product will be Saudi port customs refused entry.

Contains the SASO certification standards of products: SASO certification includes the use of all adults and children in the home, office or entertainment products, all vehicles and spare parts, and building products. These products can be divided into the following categories:

Air conditioning, refrigeration, heating equipment, batteries, cosmetics, toys, compressor and fan, household electronic appliances, household pressure cooker, electric wire and cable, fax machines, home switches and circuit breakers, lamps and lighting equipment, elevator and lifting system, engine, office electrical appliances, personal computer, telephone, and power motor vehicles and spare parts, building products, paint etc..

SASO certification of the main procedures: manufacturers to obtain SASO certification, the export of products to Saudi Arabia, the following steps:

Apply to the consulting firm, consulting firm, according to product categories, in accordance with the requirements of SASO, to inform the enterprise product certification program; enterprise in accordance with the certification procedure submit product test samples, some products (such as part of motor vehicles and accessories etc.) to the factory inspection; by product testing qualified, such as enterprises to obtain SASO certification; product testing is not qualified, the enterprise will get a detailed report; products to the Saudi export goods through the customs should be issued SASO certification, SASO technicians will inspect the certificate issued by the SASO certificate; if not, the product will be refused entry or sampling to Saudi Arabia and the Ministry of Commerce or industry of SASO's lab detection, such as product will not be qualified to detect refused entry, all costs borne by the export enterprises.