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Beijing Daxing District Quality Supervision Bureau to carry out safety inspection of special equipment in key places

Return ListDate:2015-08-15Read:150

Spring Festival is approaching, in order to protect the masses through safe and peaceful Festival, Beijing Daxing District Quality Supervision Bureau led the organization of key sites of special equipment safety special law enforcement inspection. The inspection group of the people's Hospital of Daxing District, Daxing line subway Huang Village West Street Station in the 4 elevator, 9 boilers safety inspection, focus on the use of elevator, boiler management of Daxing District hospital, were examined using the management of elevator equipment such as subway station, check the equipment inspection and operation, not found illegal behavior. Law enforcement officers asked the units to be inspected earnestly implement the "three implementation, two certificates, a test and a plan" work requirements, strengthen the emergency duty during the festival, and ensure the safe operation of special equipment.