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Beijing Daxing District Quality Supervision Bureau to carry out special supervision and inspection before holiday

Return ListDate:2017-06-13Read:49

In order to maintain the order of market measurement and create a stable and peaceful festival atmosphere and the market environment of honesty and trust, the Daxing District Quality Supervision Bureau of Beijing recently carried out special supervision and inspection of the Spring Festival measurement Law enforcement.

Law enforcement officers in the jurisdiction of 10 stores, supermarkets, farmers' markets, gas stations conducted a special supervision and inspection, a total of 85 checks in the use of measuring instruments (units), to check the quantitative packaging of 45 batches of goods. Law enforcement officers to focus on examination of the measurement instruments in use to test whether commodity, net content of pre packaged goods are in line with the national measurement tolerances specified, a fair balance has been set according to the requirements of whether to use and manage, the investigation found no violations. During the inspection, law enforcement officers actively publicize the measurement laws and regulations and relevant knowledge to the merchants, and urge all units to improve the measurement management system, carry out the measurement of honesty and credit, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.