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The cause of the "13th Five-Year" quality inspection plan financial interpretation

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"The cause of quality supervision and inspection and Quarantine" 13th Five-Year "development plan" proposed to strengthen the "planning to lead the project, determine the budget" concept, establish and perfect the management system for the whole process of project funding, planning, execution, and evaluation of assets, increase the financial supervision. This is the focus of reform of budget management system in 13th Five-Year "period, strengthen financial management, improve the macro objective requirements of the utilization efficiency of financial funds, quality inspection system is the direction of financial planning department" 13th Five-Year "during the period of reform.

First, planning and guiding projects is the basis for the implementation of medium-term financial planning

In the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the party clearly pointed out that finance is the foundation and important pillar of national governance, and requires deepening the reform of the financial and tax system and establishing a modern financial system. In order to deepen the reform of the financial system, in recent years, the State Council and the Ministry of finance have further deepened the reform of the budget management system and introduced new measures. The new budget law, which was put into effect in January 2015, put forward the concept of medium-term financial planning. "The State Council on the implementation of medium-term fiscal planning management advice" (Guo Fa [2015] No. 3) puts forward three year medium-term fiscal plan, the implementation of the rolling budget, the establishment of long-term mechanism of major issues of scientific proof, and puts forward the medium-term fiscal plan must be based on long-term development planning as the basis. The Ministry of Finance in accordance with the spirit of the State Council document No. 3, the Ministry of Finance issued "opinions on promoting the central departments of medium-term fiscal planning management" (FB [2015] No. 43), to further clarify the preparation of the central departments to medium-term planning and related planning, implementation management, outstanding year rolling budget and policy combination, enhance the binding force of the budget improve the incentive mechanism, and the specific preparation methods and procedures proposed 2016-2018 expenditure planning clear requirements.

In accordance with the deployment of medium-term fiscal planning management overall requirements and the "13th Five-Year" period, each department budget must be fully focused in the planning period, important policies and major reform projects, on the basis of the plan of national economy and social development, macro-control policies, functions and development needs, reasonably determine the total expenditure and the structure of the planning period. Preparation and to guide the annual budget and the implementation of the periodic management budget management framework. The implementation of reform of financial planning period, to deepen the reform of departmental budgets, strengthening budget management, departments and units to improve the financial funds use efficiency, strengthen the financial macro management will play an important role, will largely promote governments at all levels and departments to enhance system, forward thinking, optimize the allocation of budget resources. Improve the departmental budget management, scientific planning and accurately grasp the tendency for the development of the next 3 to 5 years and progress, and the financial capital needs to reflect the 3 year rolling financial planning and development of quality inspection "13th Five-Year" project planning, planning and budget to crack the "two skins" phenomenon, and effectively lead a budget for the career development planning, to implement the budget implementation plan of development.

Two, grasp the direction of reform, establish planning, lead the project management system

In accordance with the requirements of the budget system reform, in order to further play a leading role in planning at the beginning of 2015, quality inspection administration party decided to development planning and implementation of the organization and coordination functions under the finance division, set up a career development plan, the purpose is to strengthen the macro management and investment leading function. Planning finance department has also stressed that no planning, there will be no project, strengthen the "planning lead the project, the project budget decision" concept. "13th Five-Year" period, will continue to promote the establishment and improvement of the management system for the whole process of planning, project funding, implementation, and evaluation of assets, effectively strengthen the planning and financial work, promote the effective allocation of resources, better play to the development of quality inspection planning guide.

(1) establishing a planning system and strengthening the management of the planning system. To strengthen the construction quality inspection planning system, the relationship between the relevant planning and co-ordination of treatment planning system, the effective implementation of security plan, for the full play is of great significance to the development of the leading role of planning. The construction of planning management system is the foundation of planning system construction. Study on the planning management system, improve the planning system, strengthen and standardize management of planning, is an important task to strengthen the planning and management of the 13th Five-Year "period. In the "13th Five-Year" period, to strengthen the planning on the basis of theoretical research, we will organize experts to focus on strengthening the construction of regulations of power planning, inspection and evaluation summary, project database and so on, speed up the establishment of a sound management system of quality inspection system planning.

(two) strengthening the management of planning projects and giving full play to the leading role of planning. "13th Five-Year" period, the construction project management planning mainly includes three aspects. First, the study promulgated the "quality control system planning project management Interim Provisions.". In connection with the full budget management departments and other relevant departments in-depth business communication, and fiscal budget for the 3 year plan, clear planning project classification and management responsibilities, standardize the project reporting, project approval, project library cleaning, inspection and supervision, project application operation process. Two is to establish and improve the quality inspection system planning project library. The organization committee, the business departments and units directly under the relevant departments and local quality inspection bureaus, according to the planning and deployment plan project planning project proposal and feasibility study report. Organize experts or entrust third parties to review the planning projects, and then, after the examination and approval of the mature project by the Quality Supervision Bureau, bring them into the project library of the quality inspection system, and act as