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AQSIQ revised administrative law enforcement certificate management measures, the new measures will be formally implemented next April 1st

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Washington continued to advance with the inspection and quarantine system inspection directory major adjustment, comprehensive law enforcement system reform and "double random, public supervision and other reform measures, the original certificates of law enforcement management mode and the basic law enforcement actual does not adapt to the increasingly prominent. In order to better adapt to the needs of the actual situation and the reform of law enforcement, quality inspection administration organization for "quality supervision and inspection and quarantine administrative law enforcement certificate management measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "management measures") were revised, implementation of decentralized management of law enforcement certificates, the maximum extent for the base layer to facilitate law enforcement. After a number of rounds of comments and repeated amendments, the revised "management measures" has been announced recently, since April 1, 2017 formally implemented.

It is understood that the "management measures" in the revision process, take the initiative to adapt to the reform process, pay attention to give full play to the legislative lead and promote the role of reform. Around the current law enforcement center of gravity down and law enforcement system reform needs, the law enforcement documents issued patterns were adjusted and optimized. The new "management measures" stipulates that the local quality and Technical Supervision Bureau uniformly apply for the administrative law enforcement certificate issued by the local government legal department. The authority for the examination and Quarantine of the law enforcement documents shall be delegated to the inspection and Quarantine Bureau directly under the General Administration, and the design of the law enforcement certificate shall be redesigned. On the strict requirements fair and civilized law enforcement management, strengthen law enforcement personnel and qualification management regulations, administrative law enforcement personnel must apply for a certificate for the administrative law enforcement organs in the preparation of official personnel to carry out administrative law enforcement personnel to provide the basis for cleaning. At the same time, the implementation of law enforcement personnel assessment system at ordinary times, the law enforcement personnel required to participate in law enforcement training and unified testing every year. The need to reform the implementation of the "double random, open" checks, add the relevant provisions directly under the inspection and quarantine agencies from the administrative law enforcement qualifications were randomly selected from the law enforcement officers, perfecting regulations to promote the "two base" construction.

In addition, taking into account the original documents submitted to the law enforcement cumbersome approval procedures, evidence of a long cycle, evidence of the irrational conditions, the new "management measures" focus on the law enforcement certificate approval process has been simplified and optimized, cancel some unreasonable restrictions on the law enforcement documents to apply for conditions, delete the annual audit of the regulations, a clear focus the legal department of duty in the law enforcement certificate management, and law enforcement certificate renewal or cancellation procedures to make supplementary provisions.

It is reported that in April 29, 2008, AQSIQ issued 106th orders, the "management measures" carried out the first amendment, the amendment is the "management approach" second amendment.

Quality inspection administration and regulation department relevant responsible person said, the party put forward in the fourth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, realize the legislative decision-making and reform policy convergence, make major reforms in the legal basis, legislative reform and take the initiative to meet the needs of economic and social development. To give full play to the leading and promoting role of legislation, the key is to adapt the legislation to the needs of reform and the service reform. At present, in the process of comprehensive law enforcement reform, the supervision and management departments at the grassroots level have also made outstanding problems in the inconsistency of law enforcement documents and law enforcement procedures, the unclear and non-uniform standards and standards of punishment. Change management does not mean laissez faire management, quality inspection administration will be the law enforcement certificate management reform as an opportunity, by analogy, to study and solve the outstanding problems, and promote the reform of effective landing with greater efforts to promote grass-roots departments perform their duties in place of administration according to law.