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The new GB/T 19001

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According to the National Standardization Management Committee issued the national standard Chinese 2013 tenth announcement, GB14711-2013 "small rotary motor general safety requirements" (hereinafter referred to as the "new standard") was released in July 19, 2013 December 2, 2013, the formal implementation of the new standard, from the date of implementation will replace the GB 14711-2006 standard (hereinafter referred to as the "old standard"). We hereby notify the relevant requirements for the implementation of the new standards for the voluntary certification of small and medium sized motor products:

One, this involves CQC voluntary certification standard change version of the product:

Medium and small electrical machines (006001);

Two, the new standard requirements:

(1) from the date of the announcement, the applicant may apply for certification in accordance with the new standards; the certification body will adopt the new version of the standard implementation of certification, and issued a new version of the standard certification.

(two), has access to the old version of the standard voluntary certification of products, the applicant shall submit the certificate to the conversion of the new standard CQC application, and accept the lab for the new and old version of the standard difference test project (see Annex) the implementation of the inspection, complete the confirmation work according to the new standard products renewal version of certification.

(three), the old version of the standard certificate conversion work should be completed before December 2, 2014, fails to complete conversion of the certificate will be suspended, CQC. The certificate has not yet completed the conversion work before December 1, 2015, will revoke the old version of the standard certificate.

Three, the main content of the revised rules:

1. GB14711-2006 change version to GB14711-2013.

2., the revised certification unit is divided into mainly series products, and the insp