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Beijing inspection and Quarantine Bureau in the entry mail intercepted fetal sex identification reagent

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Washington (reporter Wu Yajing) October 27th, Beijing inspection and Quarantine Bureau in cross-border electricity supplier direct mail entry intercepted 2 batches, a total of 3 boxes of fetal sex identification reagents from the United states.

It is understood that the Beijing Bureau found in the electricity supplier reporting information for electronic audit, two batches of test items, men and women "attracted the attention of the staff, then the system will be dispatched. The inspection found that these two batches of goods are fetal sex identification reagents. The prospectus states that early pregnancy (5 to 10 weeks) allows rapid identification of fetal fetal sex within a few minutes through the urine of pregnant women. The kit displays green as a boy and displays orange as a girl.

Since May 1, 2016 implementation of China's "Prohibition of non-medical needs of the fetus gender identification and selective termination of pregnancy on others" provisions, clearly stipulates that "it is forbidden for any unit or individual to implement the fetus gender identification and non-medical sex selection of the artificial termination of pregnancy". "AQSIQ on further play the role of inspection and quarantine functions to promote the development of cross-border e-commerce" clearly states that such items are prohibited from cross-border e-commerce.

The day before, the Beijing Bureau has the law on the two batches of fetal sex identification reagents do withheld treatment, according to the business enterprise application in accordance with the law of fetal sex identification reagent intercepted do destruction, and instructed the relevant enterprises to carry out rectification, require strict compliance with relevant laws and regulations in china. At the same time, to remind consumers in the "sea Amoy" cross-border online shopping process, we must pay attention to relevant laws and regulations in China, to avoid violations. "China's door times"