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The establishment of intelligent manufacturing standard system standardization will be

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The newspaper news (reporter Shi Jing Qin Haifeng) recently, Shanxi Yangquan Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau formulated the "2016 year Yangquan Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau of the party building work of evaluation methods" (hereinafter referred to as the "evaluation methods"), the implementation of the issuance of the branch.

In accordance with the "evaluation methods", the main responsibility for the implementation of Party Building Evaluation on Party building, focus on Party building work, the basic work and Party building at the completion of the work carried out, including the completion of the specific content of the annual assessment index of 2016 bureau Party grassroots party building, major party activities, an important work meeting, important work arrangements in the implementation of information reporting the focus of the implementation work of the Party branch ledger, ledger, education and management of Party members party members, Party building work situation characteristics ledger ledger branch construction. Among them, the completion of assessment indicators, the implementation of year-end benchmarking. Through the field to understand, listen to reports, access to information and so on, listening to the work report of Party building assessment unit of the authority to carry out joint inspection unit by the joint comment, assessment of Party building work in accounting materials, fully understand the assessment unit grasp the party building work; the implementation of the work and the implementation of account list error assessment, by the Bureau of party basis the annual daily records ledger management, error assessment, quantitative score. The comprehensive evaluation results of the work of Party building, will serve as the award in recognition of advanced grass-roots party organizations and the main basis for recognition of the recommendation to the superior party organization, aims to create a good atmosphere for the evaluation, implementation, to promote party building work to a new level.